terça-feira, 19 de maio de 2009

Letter to Antony Hegarty

You said you were a pagan, raised up as a catholic. You said you fell like you were born from the earth. I felt that too, even that I could make love to the earth and have a son. I would like him to be just like you. I thought that nature was my Goddess and the earth, Good. So then I knew Alberto Caeiro and he talks about Good being the hills and the mountains and the trees and the sun and the moon. And that we could call him flowers and mountains and trees and sun and moon. Now I know that´s true and that He is with me all the time and my life is a celebration and a mass (mess?!), and that I can call Him earth or sun or flowers or trees or people or animals or… You´ll figure out for yourself.
Thank you for your light and your kindness. I kiss your name.
With love,

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j disse...

Beautiful letter...

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